So as ive allowed myself to fall in and let go ive seen a progressive increase in my boldness and willingness to unfold.

Ive allowed my posessor and disembodied thoughts to take hold to grasp at the edges of life and rake there fingers across the windows i see through.

I scour the land looking for more unsuspecting individuals. She tells me she trusts me, she says my deep gaze makes her feel safe -if she only knew the pain i will inflict-She asks for more between gasps of breath but i knew she was now convinced she wanted what i had to offer. To use her. To swallow her whole as she gives herself completely to me.

I know its only a matter of time.

What gives her the right to safety. To choosing , what bias is there in that power. 

Im lost. I have gone and flown away. Just a dark spectator.the husk left behind.