Its has strangely continued to transform, these patterns of participation and fondness of engagement in the acts that occur between us.

I never thought i would fuck another woman on her bed but i did and i must say the semantics turned me on. I felt for once something a bit of the churning to ease. i knew i was grasping tight i had done it so many times on myself i could feel my hand slip under her chin and push backward squeezing and forcing my weight down upon her as i bit and  forced myself inside her she squeezed her legs together tightly attempting to push away and i continued to push toward her as she realized she was giving me ground more room to have and push her down. She could see for a moment that she was doing exactly what i wanted without realizing it. She stopped and leaned foward biting me as i thrust again grasping my hands i let go as she gasped for a breath. I didnt stop a force unexplained pulled back she knew i finished and rolled me over and began to suck my cock as it was wet with her juices and our sweat. After a moment i dressed and told her they were my princesses in posession and in action. She leaves knowing where i am and she is and where my princesses are. 

I reach into my pocket for the gift she gave me as i pull away heading to work. Its perfect. I pull away realizing for a moment a flicker of warmth ran a course thru my veins. I lust for it.