She calls over and over. Nonstop ringing of the phone disapears into a dull hum in my head. Each time i am forced to converse with her i can think of nothing but the first dream i had. Where i believe it started. I want so badly to feel her neck crush between my fingers to see the breath of life flow from her body. To posess her wholly with no concern for well being at all. In the dream she thanks me for death but i know truthfully she would never do so. I know its my way of being comfortable with my actions its what tells me i cannot do as the voice says. She would never thank me for such a gift. But the whisper says different i find myself attempting to tune in to really listen but when i try to hard yhe white noise takes over and grows louder to a deafening tone. I have to not attempt to listen and his words become clear i see him flicker in the corner of my eye on occasion. He wants control to allow me to be my Dark Spectator. This is feel or at least its what i want….